Delphi 2


  • INFORMATION OS Windows 95 and newer
  • DATE Release 1996/02/10
  • BUG Beta name Polaris
  • NOTE Compiler Delphi Win32
  • PACKAGE Editions Desktop, Developer, Client/Server
  • CD Medium 1 CD
  • COMMENT Information Delphi 1 was also delivered free on the CD.


Delphi 2 was the first 32bit Version which was developed for Windows 95. It supports more options in the IDE. It compiles Windows GUI Application and Console Applications.

What's New

  • 32bit Compiler
  • Compiler and Runtime Library changes
  • VCL changes
  • Database changes
  • IDE changes
  • Console Applications


Install under Windows 64bit (Vista, Windows 7)

How to replace 16bit Setup.exe - untested FIXME

  1. Run Setup.exe on your development system.
  2. While the setup is running, open your system's temporary folder and copy _ins576._mp, _wutl95.dll and Zdatai50.dll to another folder.
  3. Rename the _ins576._mp file to Install.exe. You do not need to rename _wutl95.dll or Zdatai50.dll.
  4. After you run the Media Build Wizard, replace Setup.exe with Install.exe and place Zdatai50.dll and _wutl95.dll in the same folder. Then have your users run Install.exe.






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