• INFORMATION OS Windows 9x, NT, XP, Vista and 7
  • TAG_BLUE Version 1.4.53
  • DATE Release 2007/04/03
  • USER Developer Torsten Stelling
  • NOTE License GPL
  • WORLD Language English
  • WORLD_LINK Website www.dev0.de
Development of 0irc is stopped

I don't develop anymore for 0irc. If you use the source and extend it, please send me a mail with a link to the new homepage.


0irc is a small irc-client for windows. It's one of the smallest irc clients for windows which also is open source. It has only a small set of functions, but i think it can be compared to bitchx with the interface, not the functions. My interface are native windows and are not console based. 0irc can also be used now as a desktop module in litestep (but currently only with an old version).

It should run fine under Windows 98 till Windows Vista. I only tested it under Windows XP.

0Irc v1.2.32


  • chat *grin*
  • dcc
  • multi-server connects
  • good overview over all channels
  • no complicated mdi-interface
  • commandline based
  • can be used as litestep desktop module


This is a prelimery documentation

This is an incomplete revision. Since i'm no more actively developing 0irc, you can expect there will be no more updates.

Installation (incomplete)
First steps (empty)
Configuration (empty)
All commands
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Developer Informations (incomplete)
Changelog of 0irc
Known 0irc bugs
Todo for 0irc


0irc v1.4.53 (~67Kb) - current distribution
0irc v1.3.32 (~120kb) - old distribution with Litestep module
Download Archive - for old versions and source codes