0irc changelog

(2000/1/25) - v1.0 build 1 - used Aurore Irc source

  • removed speech.dll and complete speech engine support
  • removed finger.c & finger.h (fingerclient)
  • removed about-dialog
  • removed some menu-elements
  • it's now light-weight with 110kb, before ~200kb

(2000/1/26) - v1.0 build 2

  • set compile optimations to size-optimations. only 94kb big now.
  • renamed Aurore Irc to 0irc
  • removed speech configuration out of preferences dialog
  • added changing windows with /WINDOW [windowname]
  • added small help for /WINDOW
  • added command /ABOUT
  • added automatical execution of /ABOUT on startup
  • added saving of window position in ini-file
  • added better and smaller /HELP command
  • added version info block
  • changed all resources to english (usa)

(2000/1/27) - v1.0 build 3 - release 1

  • small fixes/changes
  • added /CONNECT - connects to the default server
  • added /DISCONNECT - disconnects from server
  • removed menu items connect and disconnect
  • added /CONFIG command
  • removed complete menu
  • optimized version info block

(2000/1/30) - v1.0 build 4

  • applied quickfix for /KICK. you cannot apply a reason for /KICK.
  • added /D for /DISCONNECT
  • added /Q for /QUIT
  • changed /C from /CLEAR to /CONNECT
  • added /S for /SERVER

(2000/1/31) - v1.0 build 5

  • /KICK now with one reason…
  • irc.ini is now written in the current directory as 0irc.ini
  • rearranged the command order in /HELP
  • changed /HELP for better identifying one character commands
  • added /A for /AWAY
  • fixed /AWAY. /AWAY marks you as away and not as away as it should be.
  • completely fixed /KICK. it works now correct.
  • fixed /CHANNELS to display a warning when you aren't on any channel.

(2000/2/1) - v1.0 build 6 - release 2

  • fixed bug with creating irc.ini under windows directory.
  • added /? for /HELP
  • added command definition /FINGER. it will be available next time.

(2000/3/13) - v1.0 build 7

  • added ability to mark text in chat-window and copy it with ctrl-c.
  • modified icon. display now version number.

(2000/3/14) - v1.0 build 8 - release 3

  • added message when pressing Alt-F4.

(2000/3/15) - v1.0 build 8 - dll.1

  • added ability to load 0irc as dll and desktop module in litestep.
  • next step is to add the configuration via step.rc
  • removed /QUIT
  • fixed bug in alt-f4. it was possible to close irc-client.
  • fixed bug with unloading module. it was quitting litestep.
  • fixed bug with leaving module in background.

(2000/3/15) - v1.0 build 8 - dll.2

  • fixed bug loading dll via reloadmodule.
  • removed /CONFIG
  • removed saving of inifile.
  • changed the dll file to 0irc.dll

(2000/3/16) - v1.0 build 8 - dll.3

  • changed the configuration to step.rc
  • added loading of tab bitmap with 0ircTabPixmap
  • added loading of tab icon with 0ircTabIcon
  • fixed loading of own bitmap/icon for tab control
  • added bangcommands !0ircHide, !0ircShow and !0ircToggle
  • added 0ircHiddenStartup step.rc setting
  • changed icon to blue/black icon for seperating dll and exe
  • added cool flat style to 0irc window

(2000/3/16) - v1.0 build 9

  • exe/dll: added /window close command
  • dll: fixed bug with starting up visible
  • dll: added step.rc commands 0ircTextColor, 0ircEditColor, 0ircFrameColor
  • exe/dll: added hottracking to buttons on top
  • exe/dll: added /W one shot /WHOIS command

(2000/3/20) - v1.0 build 10 - release 4

  • dll: rightclick = popupmenu
  • exe/dll: added finger client
  • dll: added !0ircCommand bang command for sending data to 0irc
  • exe/dll: added /F one shot /FINGER command
  • dll: added !0ircFocus bang command for setting focus to 0irc
  • exe/dll: added /LOG command.

(2000/3/21) - v1.0 build 11

  • exe : added /TRAY command for hiding 0irc in tray (not functional)

(2000/3/22) - v1.0 build 12

  • exe/dll: added some fixes from Omar Kilani

(2001/10/4) - v1.0 build 13

  • exe/dll: added quickfix for exception under windows nt/2000/xp
  • exe/dll: added some more help for commands… /help displays all commands, /help <command> should display a command help.
  • exe/dll: added “/help help” command as one example. help is hardcoded in code.
  • exe/dll: added “/help quit” command as another example.
  • exe/dll: added “<command> /?” is also valid for help (only now for /quit).
  • exe/dll: removed /NSLOOKUP command. It was crashing always. Also there is here no need for it.

(2001/10/5) - v1.1 build 14

  • exe/dll: moved on to version 1.1

(2001/10/8) - v1.1 build 15

  • exe/dll: added /P one shot /PART command
  • dll: fixed loading of module in Litestep compiled in 2001.
  • dll: added native support for executing !bangcommands under Litestep.
  • dll: added checking for !quit command in execution of Litestep commands. It is not allowed in 0irc-dll version.
  • dll: 0irc.dll shows its revision now on About-Screen of Litestep.
  • exe : added full function to /TRAY command.
  • dll: added step.rc variable '0ircNoBangCommands' to disable native bang command support.
  • exe : automatic autoaway is now default off.
  • dll: automatic autoaway is now default off. i killed 0ircAutoAway. you must now use 0ircAutoAwayTime setting to specify a time >0.

(2001/10/9) - v1.1 build 16

  • exe : added displaying of current #channel name to trayicon.

(2001/11/20) - v1.1 build 17

  • exe/dll: started fixing the timestamp bug, which is not very nice…

(2001/12/11) - v1.1 build 18

  • exe/dll: fixed the bad timestamp bug without making the file really bigger.
  • exe : fixed bug with displaying current channel in tray.
  • exe/dll: removed the autorejoin when you are kicked. was bad.
  • exe/dll: added support for XP in '/CTCP <user> version' and /SV.

(2001/12/12) - v1.1 build 19

  • exe : added start of building balloonhintsupport for trayed 0irc.
  • exe/dll: timestamp with 24 hour clock (Step.rc: 0irc24HourTime)
  • exe/dll: added auto-rejoin as option (Step.rc: 0ircAutoRejoin)
  • exe : added 0irc.manifest for Windows XP lovers… It only skinnes the configuration dialog.

(2001/12/13) - v1.1 build 20 - release 5

  • exe : added functional balloonhintsupport for trayed 0irc. example: /msg <nick> <text>, /notice #channel <text> or /notice <nick> <text> appears as balloon hint in 0irc-tray.

(2002/5/23) - v1.2 build 21

  • exe/dll: moved on to version 1.2
  • exe : added 0irc.manifest to 0irc.exe as resource for Windows XP.
  • exe/dll: removed some warnings in compiling the source. Thanx MickeM!
  • exe : added ctrl+t as hotkey for hiding 0irc in systemtray.
  • exe/dll: remapped next channel to ctrl+y, since ctrl+x was confusing with the edit cut.
  • exe/dll: removed finger client with #ifdef.
  • exe/dll: added checkbox for Auto DCC Accept (without function).
  • exe/dll: changed dropdown box for server to editbox.
  • exe/dll: fixed GetTokens function, so that /window is full functional now.
  • exe/dll: fixed file logging with multiserver connections.

(2002/5/26) - v1.2 build 22

  • exe/dll: added responce for commands 307 (registered nickname) and 378 (connecting from).

(2002/5/27) - v1.2 build 23

  • exe/dll: changed formatting for responce 307 and 378 to better layout.
  • exe/dll: removed some old code from NSLookup
  • exe/dll: fixed /MODE command for functional command with more than 2 params. Now its possible to give another user op with /MODE #chan +o user.
  • exe/dll: fixed /JOIN command for functional joining of keyed channels. Example: /JOIN &channel key
  • dll: added 0ircDCCAutoAccept setting
  • exe : added DCC AutoAccept option to configuration dialog.
  • exe : reworked the configuration dialog.
  • exe : added option for changing icon in system tray.

(2002/5/28) - v1.2 build 24

  • exe/dll: added commands /OP and /DEOP
  • exe/dll: added key ctrl+n for switching the windows/tabs.
  • exe/dll: removed ctrl+g key, since it wasn't functional.
  • exe/dll: added responce for commands 422 (motd not found) and 482 (you're no channel op).
  • exe/dll: removed an empty timer which was not used.
  • exe/dll: added new channel gfx. It looks better now ;)
  • exe/dll: added new icons, also Windows XP. It looks much better now ;)
  • exe/dll: changed default title from 'main' to '0irc v1.2.xx'.
  • exe/dll: added new colorful bitmap for the tabs. Really nice!
  • exe/dll: added commands /VOICE and /DEVOICE

(2002/11/20) - v1.2 build 25

  • exe : added “AggressiveOptimize.h” to the exefile which makes the executable code 14kb smaller.

(2002/12/13) - v1.2 build 26

  • exe : removed all warnings from source. it compiles now clean.
  • exe/dll: added command /N for /NICK.
  • exe : added support for Windows XP theming interface in main window.
  • exe : added option for disabling Windows XP theming in main window.
  • exe : added right click to system tray to delete new message information.

(2002/12/16) - v1.2 build 27

  • exe/dll: added /HOP and /H command. use /HOP #channel or /HOP.
  • exe/dll: removed CTRL+B/U for bold/underline in commandline. wasn't useable.
  • exe/dll: added reading help from 0irc.help textfile.
  • exe/dll: added ini/rc-switch for setting helpfile name with path if any problems.
  • exe/dll: added /command /? for calling the help. example: /window /?
  • exe/dll: add .log as default extension to logfiles.
  • exe/dll: added /RAW command to execute raw server commands which aren't supported for now.

(2002/12/28) - v1.2 build 28

  • exe : added configuration page for the keyboard configuration
  • exe/dll: added support for user keyboard defines: CTRL+1..0

(2002/12/29) - v1.2 build 29

  • exe : completed support for CTRL+1..0, support for CTRL+A..Z isn't possible yet.

(2002/12/30) - v1.2 build 30

  • exe : fixed bug in keyboard configuration. When you changed an item and press change again, 0irc crashed.
  • exe : fixed bug in configuration. When you changed the page from Keyboard to Display, 0irc crashed.
  • exe : disabled several options in the configuration where i know that they aren't working for now.
  • exe : fixed bug in keyboard configuration you can crash 0irc when pressing change without selecting an item.

(2003/1/2) - v1.2 build 31

  • dll: fixed some compile bugs
  • exe : changed some small behaviour under the options dialog. The current channel changing option is disabled when the other option isn't checked.
  • dll: removed all warnings from dll source.
  • dll: added 0ircKey1-9,0 loading from step.rc Config for CTRL+1..9,0 keys
  • exe : click on balloon hint shows reopens the window now.
  • dll: fixed repaint bug in window when !0ircShow was called.
  • exe/dll: added better error message when register window error occurs.
  • exe/dll: fixed leak bug with unregistering window class.
  • exe/dll: added basic support for custom font selection based on MickeyM changes. The configuration dialog doesn't supports this for now. You need to edit the ini-file directly.
  • exe/dll: added global ignore list for all windows with command /IGNORE. When you ignore one nick you ignore the nick on all channels, servers and windows! This list is not saved to disk.
  • exe/dll: added /INVITE command.

(2003/1/3) - v1.2 build 32 - release 6

  • exe : fixed bug with channelbitmap transparency.
  • exe/dll: removed the /command /? help call. It was not senseful.
  • exe/dll: added ability to call /help /command as addition to /help command.

(2003/11/7) - v1.3 build 33

  • exe/dll: added /IGNORE DELETE to delete an ignored nick.

(2003/11/9) - v1.3 build 34

  • exe : fixed some of the shortcuts in the configuration dialog.

(2004/1/15) - v1.3 build 35

  • exe/dll: optimized some code for parsing commands.
  • exe/dll: added CTRL+A..Z shortcuts for commands.
  • exe : mapped CTRL+T to /TRAY. removed internal CTRL+T shortcut.
  • exe/dll: mapped CTRL+I to /JOIN INVITATION. internal CTRL+I command removed.
  • exe/dll: mapped CTRL+N to /CHANNELS NEXT. internal CTRL+N command removed.
  • exe/dll: mapped CTRL+Y to /WINDOW NEXT. internal CTRL+Y command removed.
  • exe/dll: added /CHANNELS PREVIOUS command.
  • exe/dll: added /WINDOW PREVIOUS command.
  • exe/dll: working on CTRL+X,C,V support, sometimes buggy

(2004/1/20) - v1.3 build 36

  • exe : reduced size of exe-file

(2006/2/20) - v1.3 build 36 - release 7

  • exe : only exe file deployed as development snapshot
  • exe : reduced size of exe-file

(2006/7/13) - v1.3 build 37

  • exe : added option to reconnect and rejoin channels after disconect (nonfunctional)

(2006/7/17) - v1.3 build 38

  • exe : reworking options dialog

(2006/7/21) - v1.3 build 39

  • exe/dll: added ctrl+tab for switching tabs
  • exe/dll: added ctrl+w for closing tab
  • exe : when using /WINDOW CLOSE on last tab it reacts is like /QUIT
  • exe/dll: /SERVER and /CONNECT are now the same commands, may be /SERVER gets killed some time
  • exe/dll: added /think (/th) command with '.oO( text )' style

(2006/7/24) - v1.3 build 40

  • exe/dll: added utf-8 conversion for ä,Ä,ö,Ö,ü,Ü,ß (hardcoded, sorry, will be changed…)
  • exe/dll: removed /SERVER command. use /CONNECT now

(2006/7/25) - v1.3 build 41

  • exe/dll: added error message when using /CONNECT two times. it checks connection state.
  • exe/dll: no message “You are now talking in #…” when you are on one channel.

(2006/7/27) - v1.3 build 42

  • exe/dll: added multicommands with &/command extensions in one line.
  • exe/dll: add support for Windows Vista aka NT 6.0 in /SV
  • exe/dll: fixed the email in /ABOUT

(2006/8/1) - v1.3 build 43

  • exe/dll: when setting 'scrolllock on' on keyboard you can scroll up and down in the text

(2006/8/16) - v1.3 build 44

  • exe : fixed the saving of position only when it was changed
  • exe : fixed the saving of configuration only when it was changed in the dialog
  • exe/dll: added ctrl-shift-tab for tabbing backwards in all irc-tabs
  • exe/dll: fixed the ctrl-[a-z] use with checking for shift

(2006/8/17) - v1.3 build 45

  • exe/dll: fixed closing a tab with setting the right tab active
  • exe/dll: fixed length of nicknames on irc channels, expanded all to 32 chars

(2006/8/18) - v1.3 build 46

  • exe/dll: added /CLONE command for cloning a server window (test-command)
  • exe/dll: started seperating servers from tabs

(2006/8/20) - v1.3 build 47

  • exe/dll: restructering the main source code to seperate the server from tabs
  • exe/dll: started adding more colorcodes like ircle

(2008/8/21) - v1.4 build 48

  • exe/dll: moved to version 1.4, updated icon
  • exe/dll: new handling for colorcodes
  • exe/dll: internal changes

(2006/8/22) - v1.4 build 49

  • exe/dll: internal changes

(2006/8/23) - v1.3 build 45b - release 8

  • exe/dll: readded /SERVER command.

(2006/8/27) - v1.4 build 50

  • exe/dll: readded /SERVER to remove some irretations

(2006/9/28) - v1.4 build 51

  • exe : added color subsection [Color] with TextColor/EditColor/FrameColor in ini file
  • exe/dll: removed all references and all unused code from the speechapi

(2007/3/29) - v1.4 build 52

  • exe : fixed saving of configuration when quitting with the close button
  • exe/dll: fixed log command with enabled logging and parameter

(2007/4/3) - v1.4 build 53 - release 9

  • exe/dll: fixed /HELP command display
  • exe/dll: disabled /CLONE for non beta version