0irc todo list

Here is a list of features or todo entries which must be done. Normally i will get here things that are not bugs. For a feature request sent me a mail at murphy2005 (at) dev0.de

No. Date Version Date done Description
1 2006/12/20 v1.3.45b - Rework complete style management. It's broken and not well used now. Needed for other colors.
2 2006/12/20 v1.3.45b - Add an option to display commandline in current chat window.
3 2006/12/20 v1.3.45b - Clickable URLs.
4 2006/12/20 v1.3.45b - Highlight System.
5 2006/12/20 v1.3.45b - One Server, more tabs without extra connects. Chats in own tabs.
6 2007/1/5 v1.3.45b - Use the 'Documents and Settings' folder path for the ini file, if wished.
7 2007/3/15 v1.3.45b - Add Longhorn to /SV. Only for fun.