Delphi 1


  • INFORMATION OS Windows 3.x
  • DATE Release 1995/02/14
  • BUG Beta name Wasabi
  • NOTE Compiler Delphi Win16
  • DISK/CD Medium 15 Disks or 1 CD
  • APPLICATION_XP_TERMINAL It is possible to create a DOS RTL with Borland Pascal 7 for the DCC.EXE


Delphi 1 is the first Delphi which is also 16bit. It is the successor of Borland Pascal 7. The approach of visual design of the Windows and the event driven object oriented interface is new with its components. This is the main advantage of Delphi. It got “Rapid Application Development”, which means that you can create complex application in short time.

It's target is Windows 3.x. With some user build patches you can add a DOS Exefile creation to the commandline compiler. It gives you a Pascal for DOS with Exceptions.

When you don't got a C/S version you had to purchase the source code additional.


Install under Windows 64bit (Vista, Windows 7)

It should be possible to install Delphi 1 in the XP Virtual machine which can be downloaded for Windows 7 Pro and higher. FIXME (untested)






Delphi Project
Delphi Icon Project