• INFORMATION OS DOS with Windows 2.1, Windows 3.0 and Windows 3.1
  • DATE Release 1991/01/14
  • DISK Medium 5,25“ Disk or 3,5” Disk
  • NOTE The first desktop icon concept in Windows


Aporia was a software which introduced a first desktop icon concept on Windows 2.1 and newer. It also incorporates a file manager which looks a little like the upcoming Windows Explorer from Windows 95. The complete interface was mouse based with drag and drop. It delivers a thing like icon folders, where one icon can hold other icons. A double click on the icon folder hides the including icons from desktop and reshow them.

The file manager includes a Tree Tool and a File Tool which can be connected together. Also it was possible to filter with file extensions to show only a subset of files.

Aporia also includes a screensaver which blanks the screen after a couple of minutes. Windows 2.1 and 3.0 has no official screensaver support.


Version Date
Aporia 1.3a 1990/08/14
Aporia 1.4 1990/10/15
Aporia 1.4a 1990/10/20
Aporia 1.4b 1990/10/23
Aporia 1.4c 1991/01/14


Aporia in action

  • NewTools Aporia with its “Explorer”-like Interface, Alltype Font Converter and Calmira Desktop


I acquired an original handbook in August 2008 from Aporia on Ebay. The handbook is from 1990 and it was printed in USA.

Most of the handbook has the same content of the text documentation which is delivered with the shareware, but the book contains a lot images which are a nice help for the explanation of the topics. But the best of all is, that the book includes a full 'Aporia Registration Information'.

Here are two shots from the front and the back. The book looks a little bit used, but i think for 18 years, it is in a very good condition.

Front Back

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