LEGO Heroica

Here will be a description of the Heroica rules and new extensions build from the LEGO Games sets.
Extension will include building notes (pdf), ruleextensions (pdf) and pictures.

other stuff where Figures are from


Keep in mind that most of the figs are available from multiple sets. I tried to give you enough information here to look them up. Everything came from Brickset.

Ilrion 3874-1 Red Wizard 85863pb060 Blue Prince 85863pb089 White Wizard 85863pb090 Vampire Lord 85863pb092 Gold King 85863pb093 Zombie 85863pb091 Giant Bat The Hobbit 3920-1 Fili the Dwarf 85863pb094 Pirate Plank 3848-1 White Pirate 85863pb019 Yellow Pirate 85863pb020 Red Pirate 85863pb021 Tan Pirate 85863pb022 Pirate Captain 85863pb023 Castle Fortaan 3860-1 Grey Knight 85863pb057 Barbarian 85863pb058 Druid 85863pb059 Red Wizard 85863pb060 Goblin 85863pb061 Carverns of Nathuz 3859-1 Golem Lord 85863pb064 Golem 85863pb065 Thief 85863pb070 Waldruk Forest 3858-1 Druid 85863pb059 Werewolf 85863pb066 Dark Druid 85863pb067 Ranger 85863pb069 Pirate Code 3840-1 Giant Skeleton Minotaurus 3841-1 Minotaur Ramses Pyramid 3843-1 Mummy 85863pb005 Pharaoh's Mummy 85863pb010b Lava Dragon 3838-1 Blue Knight 85863pb001 White Knight 85863pb002 Red Knight 85863pb003 Yellow Knight 85863pb004 Giant Dragon Lego Champion 3861-1 Pink Princess 85863pb071