Turbo Pascal for Windows Version 1.0


  • INFORMATION OS Windows 3.0 and 3.1
  • DATE Release 1991/02/13 (Demo Disk: 1991/08/26)
  • BUG Beta name -unknown-
  • NOTE Compiler Pascal Win16
  • DISK/CD Medium 4 Disks (afaik) / Demo: 1 Disk / 1 CD (Pearl Software)


1991 saw the first version explicitly designed for Windows (version 3.0). It came with a class library for Windows, but you could also create generic Windows programs using only the Windows API (Application Programming Interface). Shortly after the release of Turbo Pascal for Windows, Microsoft released Windows 3.1, which API-wise wasn't fully compatible with the one for 3.0 and so was not fully supported by the compiler. Borland offered upgrades for those who complained, but a general solution was yet to come.

Turbo Pascal for Windows was delivered with a rather spartan resource toolkit, a better one came a bit later and you had to purchase it separately. The debugger was in textmode only and better be used remote from another PC due to the poor performance of the computers of that time.


IDE running on Windows 7 Bonk! Demo Program running

You get a big picture when you click on them.

Demo Disk

I got one demo disk 1991. It was in the WinDOS magazine which was very new to the Windows Scene.

Demo Disk

You get a big picture when you click on them.


I zipped the disk in a rescue mission and it resulted in a nice 1mb zip-file. Sorry, it's only in german.