TNT Unicode Controls

In late March 2007, the free TNT Unicode Controls, originally created by Troy Wolbrink, turned commercial. They are no longer available for download from their old home, but i made a mirror for the last versions.


Download Release Date Delphi support
TntUnicodeControls 2.3.0 2007/01/24 Delphi 6 - Delphi 2007
TntUnicodeControls 2.2.8 2006/??/?? Delphi 6 - Delphi 2006
TntUnicodeControls 2.2.7 2006/??/?? Delphi 6 - Delphi 2006
TntUnicodeControls 2.2.6 2006/??/?? Delphi 6 - Delphi 2006
TntUnicodeControls 2.2.5 2006/??/?? Delphi 6 - Delphi 2006
TntUnicodeControls 2.2.3 2006/01/02 Delphi 6 - Delphi 2006
TntUnicodeControls 2.2.1 2005/09/12 Delphi 6 - Delphi 2006
TntUnicodeControls 2.1.11 2004/09/11 Delphi 5 - Delphi 2005

TNT LX Controls

A few of the included components…


  • TaskBarButton (Boolean) property which allows non-main forms to reside on the task bar.
  • StartModal, StopModal procedures to allow a form to transition in/out of modal state.
  • Just like MDI menu merging, this form allows you to merge your toolbar and statusbar.


  • Just like TDBLookupListBox, but built on a standard Windows ListBox.


  • Just like TDBLookupComboBox, but build on a standard Windows ComboBox.


  • Just like TDBGrid, but uses a standard Windows ComboBox for drop down lists and uses a standard Windows CheckBox for boolean fields.

TTntRichEditLX, TTntDBRichEditLX

  • Enhanced RichEdit to enable automatic URL detection.

TTntComboBoxLX, TTntDBComboBoxLX

  • Enables multi-column displays.


  • Easily allows customizable inplace editors.
  • Included are a Edit, ComboBox and DateTimePicker.


  • Enabled ascending/descending keys.
  • LoadForm, SaveForm functions.
  • Other functions which provide a default if value doesn't exist.


  • Provides default values for new records.
  • Unicode enabled Locate and Lookup.
  • Many bug fixes and performance optomizations.

Other Functionality

  • A cancelable thread
  • An in-memory TDataSet framework
  • Date, FileName, other utility functions
  • Optomized TTntList and TTntIntegerList.
  • A buffered stream reader.
  • Application version functions.


Download Release Date Delphi support
TntLxControls 1.3.0 xxxx/xx/xx Delphi 6-Delphi 2007
TntLxControls 1.2.7 xxxx/xx/xx Delphi 6-Delphi 2006
TntLxControls 1.2.6 xxxx/xx/xx Delphi 6-Delphi 2006
TntLxControls 1.2.5 xxxx/xx/xx Delphi 6-Delphi 2006
TntLxControls 1.2.4 xxxx/xx/xx Delphi 6-Delphi 2006
TntLxControls 1.2.3 xxxx/xx/xx Delphi 6-Delphi 2006
TntLxControls 1.2.1 xxxx/xx/xx Delphi 5-Delphi 2005



General purpose tool to help with avoiding certain functions and classes. With this tool and the TNT-WARN comments in Tnt Delphi Unicode Controls, a developer can quickly identify parts of an application which are not Unicode-enabled.

TntWare XP Theme Manager for Delphi 6

These controls inherit from Mike Lischke's Windows XP Theme Manager, and provide theming to TntWare Delphi Unicode Controls in a Unicode-enabled way.

Contributions from others

Tnt Convert Tool

  • Author: caesar2k

This program will help to automatically migrate Delphi ANSI VCL Controls to TntWare Unicode Controls with many useful options. It has a backup function to avoid that you lose anything if something goes wrong.


This program allow quick conversion of either Delphi or Builder project files from the T* class names to TTnt* names. Individual components can be selected, the progress is displayed and rollback function is provided.

Tnt Ex Controls

  • Developed by Francisco Leong

Unicode ControlsEx - Provides some controls not yet in the base TNT products as well as some extra units.

JVCL Unicode Controls - some JVCL controls that are Unicode-enabled using the TNT Unicode framework.

QuickReports - Unicode-enabled QuickReports controls using the TNT Unicode framework.

TntExUpdate (Version 3.1)

  • Developed by Jordi March

These libraries are an upgrade of Francisco Leong's TntEx controls. It contains an upgrade of old components and new components for Tnt, from last versions of JVCL components. It also contains functions with WideString support for date and numeric conversions, improvements of some previous tnt component, and new components.

TntVNew (Version 3.1)

  • Developed by Jordi March

Contains a lot of procedures and functions for Tnt (for handling files and datasets, derived from WideMessageDlg or similar, WideString, …). Also it contains new controls: dataset navigators, TTntEdit with filter, numeric input, convenient controls for copy, move and delete files, etc.

Wide Memo Blob Field

  • Developed by Gabriel Corneanu

A true (ADO only!!) WideMemo blob field. It's a descendant of TBlob field (actualy from TMemo) and it properly gets it's data. No UTF8 or anything else, directly Unicode. All you need to do is to include this unit. If using TNT framework (db controls), you should get directly proper Unicode display.

Translatable TTntOpenDialogEx

  • Developed by Rainer Geigenberger

Open and Save dialog which inherit from Tnt counterparts. They add properties which allow you to specify the text for several buttons and labels.


  • Developed by Gabriel Corneanu

This is a unit to replace a standard TToolButton to a Unicode capable button.

Unicode Fixes for Delphi 5

  • Developed by Stanley Xu

Let some routines work around Unicode correctly in D5. Fixes some UI bugs.

Unicode Enabled TIniFile

  • Developed by Stanley Xu

This is a single unit: TntIniFiles.pas.

Tnt Extended Editors

  • Developed by Matt Harrison

All components derive from TTntEdit and include:

  • TTntExButtonEdit - has a button for launching dialogs for example.
  • TTntExDropDownEdit - includes a dropdown panel. If you want to create a drop-down control that is Unicode compliant this is the place to start.
  • TntExDropDownMemo, TntExDropDownRichEdit - Example drop down controls descended from TTntExDropDownEdit showing how easy it is to create them.

Unicode for Delphi 7 Personal

  • Developed by Michael Gajek

Adaptation of TntWare Unicode Controls made to work on D7 Personal Edition.

Unicode for Delphi 7 Personal and Delphi 2005 Personal

Adapation of TntWare Unicode Controls (version 2.2.5) for the personal versions of Delphi 7 and Delphi 2005.