Delphi XE / C++Builder XE


  • INFORMATION OS Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008
  • DATE Release 2010/08/xx, Starter - 2011/01/31
  • BUG Beta name Fulcrum
  • NOTE Compiler Delphi Win32, C++ Win32
  • PACKAGE Editions Starter, Professional, Enterprise, Architect
  • DVD Medium 1 DVD


This release includes a cross compiler for OSX and Linux. Debugging will be done remotely from a Windows machine. This can also be a virtual machine so all development can be done on an Apple Computer.

Whats New

  • Source Control Management for Subversion
  • DataSnap Enhancements
  • Cloud connectivity
  • An integrated version of AQTime designed specifically for RAD Studio
  • Regular expression support in the RTL (thanks to Jan Goyvaerts and Vincent Parrett)
  • TBigInteger type
  • Code Formatter improvements
  • Modeling improvements
  • Command line audits and metrics
  • And additional tools

This release adds compiling application for OSX with the new “UCL” (extended kylix runtime). - resheduled to 2011 on 2010/6/26


RAD Studio 2011 Splashscreen